Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Fun Visit!

So, we also had a lovely visit with DeEtte(Mom) and Brittany and Colby this last weekend. It started very eventfully with Mom asleep on the couch (she had the stomach flu) while Colby, Brittany, Myah, Ali and I all played Sorry and Clue. Then we ordered the best pizza ever from South Valley Pizza, and watched the Polar Express. It is fun to watch movies at our house now since Eric (the electronic guru) installed surround sound speakers in the wall. Ask Colby...we both kept getting freaked out by the noise in the walls from the football game on T.V. last time she visited! It definitely made us giggle! Anyways, the next day Mom was feeling better so we cooked a delicious turkey dinner and all ate together. It was a fun time for all and we hope they come back soon! (I told them to stow me in their siutcase to go on the cruise...but I don't think it worked!)

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